Saturday, June 11, 2011

It's my Birthday!

This morning, mommy told me "Happy Birthday" and called me her "little birthday boy"! I don't really know what a birthday is, but if it's like this all the time, I want more!

Nana and Gramps came and played with me. They had balloons that floated in the air! I really liked them, until one made a really loud noise and disappeared. I didn't like that so much. Mommy was really busy, so I didn't bug her that much. Lots of people came over. We ate lunch with all of them and they all laughed at me while I ate fruit. I don't know why. Then we opened a lot of boxes. That was kind of fun. Daddy watched and laughed at me a lot. I got a lot of books. My favorite toy is the one mommy and daddy got me. It has a lot of cars! I like cars. Then mommy carried me into the kitchen and they sang a song. I'm not sure why. I think they've all lost it. Then came the best part! Mommy gave me a cake all for me! It had a lot of icing on it! I like icing. The cake part was good, too. Auntie Brittni gave me a bath because I had cake all over me. Then we went for a walk and I fell asleep. When I woke up, almost everyone was gone!

I like birthdays. I want one everyday! They're a lot of fun, and really, really tiring. I'm really sleepy.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Relay For Life

We did something called Relay for Life the other day. It was a lot of fun! Mommy left for a whole hour to walkaround a track (I don't know why) so I got to play with Kelsy and Kristin and Sam and Dr. Wimmer! We had a lot of fun! I played with little lights on the ground and crawled and played on the grass. Then it got really dark and I heard this weird music playing. Mommy disappeared again with her camera, so I'm thinking she took pictures of the weird music. Mommy gave me crackers to eat (they were cheesy crackers!!) and I played with Kelsey. She gave me a glow stick, but mommy took it away when I tried to eat it. It looked so tasty! Then all of a sudden it got bright again and the girls were dressing Dr. Wimmer up in a skirt! It was funny! Then we watched a lot of boys dressed up as girls walking around. That was funny, too! And then we went home. I was sleepy, but mommy changed my diaper and I was wide awake so I got to talk to daddy for a little while before she put me to bed. It was a lot of fun. Mommy says we're going to do it again next year. I hope daddy gets to come, too!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm turning one!

In one week I will be a year old! Mommy has been crying a lot lately. I wonder if that's why. She let me eat all by myself today. I got to play in my food, and she didn't even yell at me! Then I got a bath. I like baths. Mommy was taking a lot of pictures. I like mommy's camera, but she won't let me hold it. That makes me sad. I played in dirt today! Mommy was putting flowers into a pot and got a lot of dirt onto the ground. It made me happy to play in it! Then we went to Walmart. I like Walmart. Everyone is always so nice to me and they make me smile. And mommy always buys me things. Today, she got me new clothes and some new toys, but then she wrapped them in weird paper. She said I can't have them until my birthday, but that's next week, so it'll be here soon, right?

DC Is Fun!

We went to Washington D.C.! Aunt Cassandra and mommy bought weird shirts that said NCIS. That's the TV show mommy and grandma and Aunt Dani watch all the time. I like Nosey. He's funny.

Mommy let me climb up some steps. She thought it was funny. I had fun being outside! We went on a horse that went around in circles! I don't know if I like it or not. It was kind of scary. We rode on a train, too. Mommy called it the metro. It was a lot of fun and went really fast! Mommy and Aunt Cassandra took lots and lots of pictures. We took Aunt Cassandra to an airport. I like airports. I like planes. They're fun. But we didn't get to fly this time. Aunt Cassandra flew by herself. Mommy was sad to see her leave. We went to a cemetery after that. It was a really big cemetery. Mommy kept telling me to be quiet, but I was tired so I kept crying. I don't think that made her happy.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What is DC?

Mommy keeps talking about going to a place called DC with Crazy Aunt Cassandra. What is it? Is it a park? Does it have animals? Does it have dogs like Scotty? Is that where Daddy is at?

Mommy went to a doctor today, so I got to play with Nana and Gramps. They play so good! Gramps gets down on the floor with me and plays with my toys with me! Nana wears fun shoes that make funny noises when I pull them! And Gramps has clocks that make noises! I love going to their house!

I love my Mommy, but today she made me mad. She wouldn't let me go into the cabinet again. She kept making the "EH" noise at me, but I really wanted to play with the neat looking can with the straw so I ignored her after I yelled back. Then she poked me with her foot. That wasn't nice so I cried at her. She moved me and closed the door. I got really mad.  But then she gave me snacks and I wasn't made anymore.

Today Mommy said it was Star Wars day. I like Star Wars! She let me wear my Yoda shirt and my Darth Vader jamas! I like Darth Vader. I like watching Star Wars. Stuff blows up and it's cool. Daddy says he's going to teach me how to blow stuff up, but Mommy says she'll kill him. I don't want Daddy to die, so I don't know if I want stuff to blow up.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My very first ever blog post!

Mommy is trying to rock me to sleep, type, and keep my from playing with her computer at the same time. I don't think she's doing very well. I'm getting sleepy, and when I get sleepy, I get very very grumpy. I don't like sleep. I miss out on a lot. Like daddy calling. I like it when daddy calls. Mommy gets really happy and excited and says, "Who is it?" That's how I know it's daddy. I'm still trying to figure out how to get him to play with me and why he can't touch me. I reach out and try to touch him but all I touch is the computer. Mommy says he's in South Korea, but I don't know where that is. I can't wait to play with my daddy again!

Today was a fun day. Mommy gave me something called nutella. It's chocolate! I love chocolate. I got it all over mommy's jeans. She didn't think that was funny, but I did! I got mad at her earlier. I was trying to explore the cabinets and she kept making an angry noise at me. It sounds like "EH". All I was doing was investigating an interesting looking straw attached to a can. Mommy said it would hurt me, but I think she was lying.

I got a bath today! I love splashing in the bathtub. Sometimes it even gets mommy wet! That's my favorite! And then she chases me on the floor! I love crawling naked on the floor! I don't like clothes.

I'm really sleepy. Mommy is playing sleepy music to get me to calm down... But I don't want to sleep... There's too much that... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...